"A War for Wonder" CD

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Bealtainne, the flaming wand…
Again returning through the distant mists, the final realization of a forgotten thread is unleashed. An unfinished chapter is laid to rest, the memories released, the veil intact. Beginning anew:

Echtra’s “A War for Wonder,” taking flight from the indomitable human proclivity towards awe, spirals upwards into a transcendent ecstasy of dissolution and union. Transmuting betrayal and abandonment into wisdom, these sounds conjure visions of the soul achieving its ultimate reintegration into the corpus of Spirit.
Conceived in MMIV and utilized for ritual performance in the year MMVI, “A War for Wonder” chronicles the induction of Echtra into an experimental aural landscape, eschewing allegiance to the strict confines of Black Metal in the relentless pursuit of personal mastery. Expect your consciousness to be immersed in a new kind of musicality, wherein the abstractions of "genre" drift away as the sound deepens and swirls, engaging the emotional and etheric bodies in tandem with the intellect.
As the wooden timelessness of the acoustic melds with the distorted vibration of electricity a new gnosis is reached, shielded from the reductive eyes of reason and allowed to loosen the bonds of the true person within. Containing this liberation is the seed of Echtra, the heroic journey of the Self from the shadows.
Realized in MMIX and delivered by 20 Buck Spin, as dictated by the spirits and for the benefit of all beings.

“From wonder into wonder existence opens.”
- Lao Tzu