Fearthainne "Knowing" CD

Image of Fearthainne "Knowing" CD


​Fearthainne’s second release, entitled “Knowing,” is an unflinching inquiry into the ontological status of the human animal trapped in postmodernity, confined within civilization’s tangled web. A series of wonderings meant to initiate the wandering of the soul, this aural journey facilitates questioning and the freedom inherent in unburying truth. Querying, rather than surety, opens the door of our cage and gifts us gnosis. For, one cannot know who they are until they realize what it is they were meant to be.​

​Acoustic guitars, violin, drum, dulcimer, and voice are the implements of this craft, as Fearthainne eschews the use of electrified tools. A textural passage through emotional sonic terrain, we clear a space for the unfolding of human majesty, in the process welcoming home the battered and bruised creature we are. We will never settle for the paucity and degradation of modern life, demanding instead the authentic humanness and depth that are our birthright. The unending dark of this epoch ushers in a new illumination, as through this night we discover the single answer to our question:

​“Can we live again after what’s been done?”